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Chickadoo Chronicles (volume 1),
a CDR by Adrien75.

This album is the first in an ongoing series of works that provide the dreamy soundtrack to the adventures of the Chickadoo. In this first installment, the Chickadoo leaves her nest in the palms and travels the galaxies in search of adventure. Along the way she encounters strange & magical creatures in the oceanic worlds of other solar systems...
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Chickadoo Chronicles CDR (U.S.)
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Chickadoo Chronicles CDR (outside U.S.)
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Therms Forever
a 2xCDR by Adrien75.

The first formal album Adrien put together after his move to Los Angeles from NYC. Emphasis is on synth melodies in combination with samples.
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Therms Forever 2xCDR
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Therms Forever 2xCDR
(outside of U.S.)
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