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01 Palm Spring Bird
02 Chickadoo Gets Lost in Seaweed
03 Chickadoo Eats Food
04 Ducks Flying Home (mp3 excerpt)
05 Retro Fluture (mp3 excerpt)
06 Dryads
07 Who Wants More? (mp3 excerpt)
08 Chickadoo is Hooked on Classics I
09 Mt. Olympus (mp3 excerpt)
10 Chickadoo is Hooked on Classics II
11 Noodle
12 Debussey's Closet (mp3 excerpt)
13 Chickadoo Lullaby

Review by Tom Moody

Chickadoo Chronicles (volume 1),
a CDR by artist-in-residence Adrien75.

This album is the first in an ongoing series of works that provide the dreamy soundtrack to the adventures of the Chickadoo. In this first installment, the Chickadoo leaves her nest in the palms and travels the galaxies in search of adventure. Along the way she encounters strange & magical creatures in the oceanic worlds of other solar systems. At the end of her journey she finds love emanating from the center of the universe.

Adrien75 makes electronic music that contains shades of IDM, Hip-Hop and Ambient House but also incorporates the sounds and feelings of Jazz and Classical and channels it all through a soothing melodic sensibilty that is all his own.

Adrien75 started making electronic music in 1993. He co-founded the Carpet Bomb label in 1996 with friends from high school as a means of releasing their own work and making a contribution to the then fledgling U.S. IDM scene. Recently Adrien75 has had releases on Germany's Source label and London's Worm Interface. more info at www.

Chickadoo Chronicles is the first in a series of CDR releases on Space Mermaid Music, each one limited to 150 copies.

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Chickadoo Chronicles CDR (outside U.S.)
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