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semiprecious stone brooches by Space Mermaid

Since ancient times, semiprecious stones and other natural materials
have held deep symbolic meaning, and many have been thought

to possess healing and spiritual properties.


Crystals and gemstones have been worn as jewelry for

thousands of years specifically for these special energies.


Below are the properties traditionally associated with the materials

we most commonly work with.


Agate... strength, courage, longevity, truth, love, healing, protection


Amazonite... success, money, luck, balance, calm, focus, clarity


Amber... luck, healing, love, strength, protection, beauty


Amethyst... healing, love, peace, protection, courage, happiness, spirituality,

psychism, mental powers, tranquility, peaceful sleep, healing dreams


Aquamarine... courage, joy, peace, psychism, purification


Aventurine... luck, money, mental powers, eyesight, peace, healing; promotes physical, mental and emotional

wellbeing; enhances creativity and originality; stress-relieving; soothing


Blue Calcite... healing


Blue Lace Agate... peace, calm, happiness


Blue Topaz... love, protection, healing, money


Brazilian Agate... strength, courage, success, truth, love, healing, protection


Carnelian... grounding energy, protection, courage, healing, peace, eloquence, self-confidence, sexual energy


Citrine... used for its warming, comforting, light and energizing qualities; believed to dissipate negative energy, raise self-esteem and attract abundance. Citrine has been used for protection, to prevent nightmares and to ensure a good night's sleep. Citrine has also been worn to facilitate psychic awareness.


Copper... energy direction, healing, luck, love, protection, money


Coral... healing, protection, peace, wisdom


Fluorite... mental powers; soothes anger and depression


Freshwater Pearl... love, money, protection, luck


Garnet... healing, strength, protection


Jade... love, healing, longevity, wisdom, protection, prosperity


Jasper... health, healing, beauty, grace, protection


Moonstone... love, divination, psychism, sleep, gardening, protection, youth, dieting


Mother of Pearl... protection, wealth


Onyx... protection, defense


Opal... psychism, astral projection, beauty, money, luck, power


Peridot... protection, health, wealth, sleep, tranquility


Pyrite... money, divination, luck


Quartz Crystal... protection, healing, psychism, power


Rhodonite... peace, anti-confusion


Rose Quartz... love, peace, happiness, fidelity, healing


Serpentine... protection


Shells... have been used as amulets and religious objects as far back as 20,000 B.C.  Throughout the Mediterranean civilizations,

the Middle East, and the Pacific, shells were used both as a Goddess symbol and to work magic for healing, fertility, rebirth and

good luck.

Silver... invocation, love, psychism, dreams, peace, protection, travel, money


Smoky Quartz... mood elevation, grounding; helps to overcome depression and other negative emotions


Tiger Eye... wealth, protection, courage, energy, luck, confidence, divination


Turquoise... protection, courage, money, love, friendship, healing, luck


Source: Scott Cunningham, Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic 

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